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Jeffery Young is an award-winning writer and Army veteran whose multi-faceted career has included work in the culinary field and in the newspaper industry. Jeffery holds degrees in communication and criminal justice, and his work with AmVets California garnered interest from President Ronald Regan. He is also the author of the book, “Tales Out of Church,” which is a collection of short stories told by an overimaginative Catholic priest.


Beth Davis and Marjorie Williams were best friends who could not be any more alike. They were both athletic, vibrant and very charismatic. However, as so often is the case, their friendship became strained when life began to move them on divergent paths. While Marjorie succumbed to the temptations of young adulthood, Beth found solace in the teachings of Christianity, and despite Beth’s efforts to save Marjorie from her own misjudgments, the two found their friendship crumbling into resentment and heartache.


It’s only when tragedy struck that Marjorie began to learn that the superficial nature of popularity and beauty are illusionary and ultimately finite. As a family and a community mourn the loss of a young soul, Marjorie is faced with how to move on with her life and questions whether Jesus can help her find her way.

In An Interview/Article, Jeff Can Share:

  • The true-life inspiration for the book, seventeen-year-old Tracy Ross
  • The story behind obtaining the cover photo
  • How the family of Tracy Ross reacted to the book
  • How it was decided what to fictionalize and what facts to keep
  • The spirituality nature of the book



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