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ZuluTails is the first smart tag that connects you with your pet instantly and securely.

An official "Software As A Service" company and Pet Insight's 2022 Vanguard Award for Best ID Tag

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ZuluTails Founder, Cyber Security Executive and U.S. Navy Veteran Displaces Wavering Microchips with Digital Smart Pet ID and Virtual Portal 

The American Humane Association estimates over 10 million dogs and cats are lost in the U.S. alone each year, of which 85% of dogs and 98% of cats without an ID are NOT reunited with their families.

ZuluTails has changed the playing field with the first Smart Pet ID and technology that instantly and securely connects you with your pet. Unlike microchips, ZuluTails offers 24-hour perPETual global on-demand access, granting you the flexibility to update and modify your information and your pet’s without having to depend on any third parties or call centers.

“We have moved beyond the electronic age and now live in the virtual digital realm. We must covet our personal and private information (PII). Perpetrators, phishing tactics and automated exploitations are always lurking, taking advantage of situations when we are distracted and motivated by emotion to care for our loved ones…”

…says Founder and Cyber Security expert Pamela Fusco. As a cybersecurity professional and a Cryptologist, Pamela’s expertise spans globally; leading special operations for national intelligence, advising U.S. White House and Fortune 100 corporations. Fusco’s criteria when designing ZuluTails was to develop an on-demand, uninterrupted Pet to People Portal (P3) coupled with a smart Pet ID that protects pet owner’s personal and private information (PII), and is simplistic enough for her 80-year-old Mom to use.


ZuluTails is user-friendly. There are no additional costs, upkeep, or requirements such as batteries, scanners, mobile apps, GPS trackers or your personal information! Your personal safety and security is of the utmost importance, where you live is irrelevant. You determine the contact information that is used to connect you with your pet. Within your ZuluTails Dashboard you modify content on the go—within seconds! If you are traveling on the other side of the globe, in a meeting, delayed or suddenly in an unexpected situation, you can rest assured that your “paws” will be cared for. ZuluTails further enhances your experience to manage daily activities and relationships with pet-walkers, boarders, sitters, vets and groomers. A quick scan or click of the pet’s ZuluTails QR code connects pet providers immediately to the pet’s profile which illustrates your pet’s photo and immediately shares essential details about your pet such as their name, breed, and current medical conditions. The pet’s provider or finder instantly sends a secure message or an alert to the pet’s owner or caregiver. Within seconds anywhere in the world you are updated and informed and your PII is not disclosed.


  • Every pet receives their own unique UPI (Universal Pet Identifier) which is associated with their pet’s bio. The UPI provides the interoperability and promptly establishes the link for communications and notifications with the pet’s family, securely, without disclosing any confidential information.


  • The pet owners Dashboard within the ZuluTails on-line portal affords pet owners the ability to update and or modify who receives notifications and alerts about their pet. Pet owners can change contact details any-time, all the time from anywhere. Additionally updating their pet’s bio with vital information such as a change in medical conditions, new photo or adding a pet’s favorite treat or activity is seamless and limitless.


  • If you move, are temporarily unavailable or relocated, or away on vacation, ZuluTails doesn’t need to know! It doesn’t matter where you live or where you are; your pet’s UPI will always be valid. ZuluTails doesn’t rely on your whereabouts. Communicate on-the-go with groomers, sitters, veterinarians, and your pet’s most trusted community members as often as you like-there are no additional fees or hidden costs.


  • You will need to establish an annual membership for $19.99, create your user account and complete your pet’s bio. You will receive a ZuluTails ID with your pet’s UPI and QR code. From any device or browser, your pet is in touch with you. ZuluTails eliminates the need to publicly disclose your contact details, address, your name and other sensitive family data and personal information.


Pamela Fusco has knowledge and expertise on pet safety and security and is sharing her insights as to why the microchips are not effective.

About Pamela Fusco & ZuluTails

As the proud Pet-Parent of five rescue dogs and a cat-U.S. Navy veteran and former advisor to the Presidential White House staff, Pamela Fusco, has lived and traveled throughout the world with her family and pets. 

Pamela was imminently qualified to create ZuluTails, the newest disruptor in the Pet market. Not to mention her recognition as an internationally renowned Cyber Security Executive and Leader at Digex, Merck, Citigroup, Apollo Group and Splunk. ZuluTails.com officially launched in June 2021 out of The “Paw Shop”, the central hub for all things ZuluTails – Pet ID lasering, collar embroidering, shipping, development team meetings and of course, Friday “Yappy Hour.” 

The ZuluTails legacy began seven years ago when a family member’s dog Mia went missing and was wearing outdated tags. After the entire family spent 3 days and endless hours putting up flyers, posting on social media, and responding to hundreds of calls and emails from a combination of well-meaning strangers, scammers, identity thieves and phishing attempts for sensitive information, Fusco couldn’t believe there wasn’t a more time sensitive, easy, reliable, and secure way to connect pets with their loved ones – without the need to disclose private and personal information (PII) and ensure that the “finders” had found Mia as well as having to go back and remove flyers and delete multiple on-line posts and reduce costs. Mia was never returned home- That’s when ZuluTails was created! When Fusco isn’t hard at work making the world a safer place for humans – and their pets – she’s hitting the slopes at her local ski resort or cheering on her beloved New York Yankees.

 ZuluTails’ mission is to connect and reunite your pets as quickly as possible, by providing trusted innovative technology that protects your privacy and enhances data protection. We are committed to supporting the wellbeing of all animals. A portion of the proceeds from every ZuluTails membership is donated to reputable charities. 



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