Shanna Pearson

Founder & President of Expert ADHD Coaching


Shanna Pearson is the Founder & President of Expert ADHD Coaching, the world’s largest coaching and training company exclusively for adults & college students with ADHD. After graduating with honors in Psychology & Education, Shanna has spent over two decades creating Focus & Goal achievement programs for public & private organizations, as well as training Teachers, Counselors, & Coaches in ADHD Management, & leading action-based seminars that have helped tens of thousands of individuals with ADHD catapult their lives to the next level. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT:


Is Opioid Addiction Really a Crisis?

If your eyes are open and your ears are listening, you know that opioid bullets are flying everywhere.

The opioid epidemic is here and growing. What would happen if every day a plane crashed with 200 passengers on it?All dead. Every day. Would there be an uproar? You bet there would be. YES, America … we have a crisis!

Every individual who succumbs to opioids creates a twisting tornado that impacts seven other people every day. Families and relationships are splintered; work is destroyed; and personal health is threatened. Addiction isn’t about one person.



  • The Challenges of Adult ADHD

  • Tips & Strategies for Coping with Adult ADHD

  • Navigating the Holidays & New Year w/ ADHD

  • Shanna’s Personal Journey w/ Adult ADHD 

  • Top Warning Signs & Unlikely Warning Signs of ADHD

  • ADHD & Productivity in the Workplace 

  • ADHD & Navigating Relationships (It’s difficult but totally possible!)

  • How ADHD Affects Self Esteem 

  • The Gender Gap – Why 3x More Men Are Diagnosed Than Women & Why Women Are Under Diagnosed

  • Tips for College Students with ADHD

  • The Impact of COVID-19 on Adult ADHD

  • How to Stay Focused While Working Remotely

  • The Dark Side of ADHD:  Unstable Job History, Lower Educational Attainment, Substance Abuse, Addiction, Prison 

  • How Coaching Can Help People Struggling w/ ADHD 



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