Ervin László is a Hungarian philosopher of science, systems theorist, integral theorist (and originally a concert pianist) who has published about 75 books and over 400 papers.  An advocate of the theory of quantum consciousness, Laszlo has a Ph.D. from the Sorbonne and is the recipient of four honorary PhDs (from the United States, Canada, Finland, and Hungary). His many awards and distinctions include the Peace Prize of Japan, the Goi Award (Tokyo 2002), the International Mandir of Peace Prize (Assisi 2005), and a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize (2004 and 2005). Formerly Professor of Philosophy, Systems Science, and Futures Studies in various universities in the US, Europe, and the Far East, Laszlo lectures worldwide. Today he lives in a four hundred year-old former chapel in the hills of Tuscany.’

Ervin Laszlo’s latest books, “Dawn of an Era of Well Being” and “My Journey” are both available on Amazon. For more information, check out and follow Ervin on Facebook @thelaszloinstitute

Dawn of an Era of Well-Being: New Paths to a Better World

With a foreword by Deepak Chopra, Authors Ervin Laszlo and Frederick Tsao do not offer a prediction—They say, “We now hold the power to shape our destiny. Our task is not to predict the future but to create it.”

Today we have an opportunity to create a new future.  As we move from the aftermath of a global crisis, we face the astounding task of needing to rebuild our world.  But do we have to “rebuild” it in the strict sense of constructing it as it was—or can we form another world, a better one? This possibility exists, and it poses an unprecedented challenge. There are no historical precedents for consciously setting about building a new world with a new cultural paradigm.  We have to find our own way.  For this endeavor, we need all the guidance we can get. Dawn of an Era of Well-Being explores practical approaches to creating an era of true well-being, combining approaches from Western traditions based on modern science and wisdom from the East grounded in rich, ancient spiritual traditions coauthor Frederick Tsao draws from his Chinese heritage. It also offers insights from remarkable thought leaders (such as Gregg Braden, Jean Houston, and Bruce Lipton) regarding the pillars for a better world and how to build on them.

The authors provide a unique view of the emerging quantum paradigm they believe will guide us in creating a better life for all beings who inhabit Earth. These compass points for navigating the uncharted waters we have entered will be of interest to all who recognize the challenge of making our world a better place—and are ready to start rebuilding it.

My Journey: A Life in Quest of The Purpose of Life
- An Intellectual Spiritual Autobiography

In this book, Ervin Laszlo recounts the story of his life, describing its fundamental transformations from musician to academic to global activist. But this story, he tells the reader, is more than an entertaining read—it also conveys a message. It shows that the quest that has marked Laszlo’s life is profound and meaningful, and important also for the reader. It is the quest to find the purpose that underlies our life. Laszlo marshals scientific evidence that life is not a meaningless accident, but the expression of a universal drive in nature: the drive toward the evolution of complex and coherent systems and of the consciousness that is associated with the systems. In this interdependent and interacting quantum universe, this discovery endows your life, and all you do in your life, with supreme meaning and significance.

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