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Carew Papritz is the award-winning author of the bestselling inspirational book, The Legacy Letters.  Through his innovative literacy efforts to inspire kids to read, Papriz has created the “I Love to Read” and First-Ever Book Signings through his “CarewTube” video series.  He is also the creator of National Thank You Letter Day, and the World’s Largest Thank You Letter–receiving a Guinness World Record for the project. As an educational thought-leader, Papritz continues in his personal passion to teach people of all ages about personal and global legacy issues.  

Papritz has been widely interviewed and published in a number of media outlets including The Kelly Clarkson Show, HuffPost, Reader’s Digest, Inc., Parade Magazine, Fox Entertainment News, Yahoo! News, Woman’s World & First Time Parent Magazine.


A tragedy begins. A husband and wife separate. He’s dying. She doesn’t know. She’s pregnant. He can’t return. Now he races against time–In the solitude of a mountain cabin. In a faraway mountain range. Trying to finish . . .

For his children–his captivating stories and memories, turned into practical, moral, and spiritual instructions, now their “guidebook to life.”

For his wife–his intimate words of great love and deep regret, now his journey of redemption, now her passage to forgiveness. Ultimately, he gives his final gift to her, to them, and now, to us all. The Legacy Letters.

From the Inside Flap

From Our Family to You . . .

“Out of the more than two hundred letters written by our father, our family eventually chose over forty for the publication of this particular book.  Our most difficult task was deciding not only which letters to leave in, but which  to take out, for many are wise as others are magical, many enlightening as others are haunting. Throughout the years, these life letters, love letters, and spiritual letters have instructed us, inspired us, and even helped define us. Many have become family favorites.  Others are personally intimate.  Some are magnificent.  And all are truly revealing.  His words, much like the songs he also left to us, are soulful, curious, provocative, tragic, passionate, and timeless. Through these letters, a man discovered his life.  In these letters, we found our father.  His final gift, to our mother and to us, changed our lives forever. Yet we know this gift cannot end with us.  Now this gift must be given to you, the reader, to find your own wisdom, inspiration, and hope within these Legacy Letters–and hopefully and somehow to be changed forever.”

 The Legacy Letters
 A Timeless Gift for All Generations–

Deeply immersive and it has a strong sense of atmosphere…authentic…emotionally potent.”  


A Must-Read Book of Wisdom for Life.”

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  • Legacy, Leadership, & Life After School: 3 Life Hacks for Recent Grads 

  • How To Avoid “Post Grad Slump” and/or the “Quarter-Life Crisis” 

  • The Importance of Handwritten Thank You Letters & Notes

  • Insights On the Future of Learning

  • Long Term Consequences of A.I. on Reading & Writing Skills

  • Why You Shouldn’t Give Up On Writing After School

  • In a Technology-Driven World, How to Teach Younger Generations How to be Authentic, “Dream Big” & Feel Motivated Again

  • Carew’s book, The Legacy Letters

  • The “Post Graduation Slump” is a common phenomenon and it’s poised to hit the class of ’24 even harder…why is that?

  • How can a recent grad avoid the quarter-life crisis or post-grad slump when there is so much negativity online and in the world today?

  • For any college grads who are watching right now…what should they do right now,  today to avoid the slump and get their mind moving in the right direction?

  • You say that people shouldn’t give up on writing after college…why is that? 

  • What kind of writing should they do? 



Carew Papritz is available for interviews, articles and can provide commentary on any related subject.



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