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US Army Veteran & Leadership Expert
Author of "So, You Want to Be a Leader: Secrets of a Lifetime of Success” and "Breadcrumbs: Finding a Philosophy of Life"

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William (Bill) Merck has experienced a lifetime of experiences in the working world that all contributed to success in leadership roles.  To be fair, there were blowouts along the way and this book tells how those helped shape future actions leading to success.  Bill’s working career began in summer employment at the age of fourteen in a lumber yard, progressing through high school working in a tobacco warehouse, youth camp counselor and lifeguard at a city recreation center.  In college he had varied experiences, initially working in a college dining hall, later working for a wholesale men’s clothing company, in an accounting clerk role in a commercial bank and finally for the Georgia State Highway Department as a supervisor of the pre-audit department in the main headquarters in Atlanta.  Following receipt of an MBA he joined the U. S. Army where among other training assignments, he graduated from the Army Officer Candidate School at Fort Belvoir Virginia.  His active duty assignment was as a platoon leader in Germany.  After that he was selected to be a Director of Student Housing at Madison College (during his time there it became James Madison University).  He worked his way up through the ranks and ultimately was selected as the Vice President for Business Affairs.  After 14 years there he was chosen to be the Vice President for Administration and Finance at the College of William and Mary where he served for ten years.  Then he moved to the University of Central Florida and served there as Vice President for Administration and Finance for 22 years.

All of those experiences, plus numerous positions on boards of directors for professional organizations, many community boards and two hospital boards, led to a plethora of leadership roles.  This book is meant to share those leadership experiences and observations with others.  The objective is to use this lifetime of work to help others enhance their careers by the lessons learned and now shared by the author.

For more information, check out Bill’s website or  follow Bill on LinkedIn.

Book Info

So, You Want to Be a Leader: Secrets of a Lifetime of Success

Being a leader is not easy for anyone. Thankfully, this book transforms more than a half-century of leadership experiences into a practical handbook for those looking to excel in leadership roles. In candid fashion, “So, You Want to Be a Leader: Secrets of a Lifetime of Success,” reveals what works—along with an unvarnished examination of what doesn’t—in a myriad of work-related situations. The author’s stories help the reader avoid the pitfalls of poor leadership by providing personal examples of what leads to success.

After completing the book, the reader will:

— Become more aware of how they are perceived by others;

— Understand the enormous influence they have;

— Recognize the differences among the individuals reporting to them;

— Know how to influence and improve morale in the workplace;

— Be able to avoid common leadership mistakes;

— See how every action impacts their sense of self-worth;

— Have the courage to make the right decisions, even when they are not popular.

  • TITLE: “So, You Want to Be a Leader: Secrets of a Lifetime of Success”
  • AUTHOR: William F. Merck II
  • RELEASE DATE: Feb. 18, 2022
  • PUBLISHER: Merck II Press
  • ISBN-10:1736393758
  • ISBN-13: 978-1736393758
  • PRICE: $16.00 (Paperback)
  • PURCHASING DETAILS: “So, You Want to Be a Leader: Secrets of a Lifetime of Success” is available HERE and wherever books are sold.
Breadcrumbs: Finding a Philosophy of Life

How you see your life is complex and can rarely be expressed in an answer that fits on a bumper sticker. Instead, a longer answer is required, one that has roots in early experiences that influenced the development of your character and shaped your views on nature, prejudice, religion, and war. Ultimately, enlightenment comes from reflection on those around you and the impressionable events of childhood that impacted your maturity. William F. Merck’s second book, “Breadcrumbs: Finding a Philosophy of Life,” approaches this quest through a framework loosely based on the seven philosophies of education and concentrates on themes of learning, values, reasoning, morals, religion, aesthetics, and world views.

In this work, the author uses stories from his life’s journey to illustrate points in time that helped form his view of the world and his place in it. From growing up in Southern Georgia in the 1940s, to becoming a military officer and a corporate leader, he discovers a nexus between early feelings and subsequent notions and beliefs. He invites you to contemplate your own early experiences as an investigative exercise in understanding what you believe and why you think the way you do today.

  • TITLE: “Breadcrumbs: Finding a Philosophy of Life”
  • AUTHOR: William F. Merck II
  • RELEASE DATE: March 13, 2023
  • PUBLISHER: Merck II Press
  • PRICE: $16.00 (Paperback)
  • PURCHASING DETAILSBreadcrumbs: Finding a Philosophy of Life” is available HERE and wherever books are sold.

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