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Ashley Haseotes

Ashley Haseotes is an intuitive energy healer and Chopra Center certified meditation coach, as well as the author of The Unspoken.

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Ashley Haseotes is an intuitive energy healer and Chopra Center certified meditation coach, as well as the author of The Unspoken. After collapsing into chronic pain from both excessive overworking and suppressed childhood trauma, Ashley underwent a transformative spiritual healing. In recounting this experience, her memoir emerged.

Drawing upon her own experience, Ashley is devoted to helping others work through difficult experiences and deep trauma. As a personal coach, Ashley helps clients who are feeling stuck, struggling, or undergoing any major life shift. And through the charity she founded, One Mission, Ashley helps children and families navigate pediatric cancer and heal after treatment.  

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“Yeah, I’ve gone through some rough times in my life, but was it really trauma?”

You may have found yourself thinking something along these lines, and you wouldn’t be alone. Trauma comes in many shapes and sizes, and on some level, we have all experienced it. The unfortunate reality is that many of us pass off or downplay situations or circumstances in our lives that are, in fact, emotionally traumatic. Left unattended, this trauma can wreak havoc on our minds and bodies, bringing about physical symptoms of pain and rendering us unsafe, anxious, and feeling unfulfilled.

In The Unspoken, author Ashley Haseotes shares her story of hitting rock bottom and finally coming to grips with the reality of her trauma. Suffering deeply and feeling overwhelmed, she becomes debilitatingly ill with chronic migraines and vertigo that leave her confined to her bed for months. Unable to work and take care of her children, lost and disconnected from her life purpose, she stares down feelings of unbridled failure and unsurmountable stress.

Through Ashley’s journey of chronic pain, a breathtaking spiritual healing is catalyzed. Her memoir is a story of walking through the storm to emerge reborn—to be healed. And if you are willing to do the work, you’ll find an opportunity for your own healing woven into each page.

-Release Date: February 8, 2022
-Publisher: Made for Success Publishing
-ISBN-10: 1641466774
-ISBN-13: ‎978-1641466776
-Details: The Unspoken is available for Pre-Order on Amazon.



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Alyssa Lango

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