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Alex Fink

- Founder & CEO of Otherweb
- Tech Executive & Silicon Valley Expat

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Alex Fink is the Founder and CEO of the Otherweb, a news platform that allows its readers to read news and commentary, listen to podcasts and search the web without paywalls, clickbait, ads, autoplaying videos, affiliate links, or any other junk.  

After traveling through 40 countries and living in Japan for a year,  AlexFink settled in Silicon Valley and began a 15-year career as a tech executive in a variety of startups.

Alex decided that instead of contributing to the problem created by Silicon Valley over the years, he would rather build the solution using their own methods. He moved to Austin, rolled up his sleeves, and a few years later the Otherweb was born.


OtherWeb’s mission is to improve the quality of information at every stage of its lifecycle – creation, distribution, consumption and monetization. It views the quality of information that people consume as the most important input to people’s ability to make good decisions and act rationally. 

Otherweb looks to help journalists align their incentives to the incentives of their readers. It uses a set of AI models (called “ValuRank”) that analyzes text along multiple dimensions – informativity, subjectivity, formality, offensiveness, hatefulness, external references, source diversity, clickbait headlines, use of known propaganda techniques, and more. Readers can then use these scores to customize their feeds, which results in higher-quality articles (that match the users’ states preferences) are viewed by more people.

In the near future, OtherWeb plans to launch a new information-centered platform, which will allow people to consume high-quality information without junk, clickbait, eye-catchers, link farms, partisan eco-chambers and other forms of digital noise. 



STORY ANGLES (Ideas for Interviews & Articles)

  • Are You “Fake News’ Savvy?  3 Ways to Spot “Fake News” Articles Online
  • The Information Ecosystem: What It Is & Why It’s Broken
  • Quality vs. Clicks: How the Information Ecosystem Evolved Over Time
  • Digital Natives vs. Digital Immigrants: A Generational Divide: What Digital Novices Need to Know
  • How Media Creators Can Use AI to Improve their Content Quality
  • Artificial Intelligence: Helpful or Harmful for “Fake News”?
  • How New Technology is Disrupting Silicon Valley (the Same Way Silicon Valley Disrupted Traditional Media)
  • What People Can Do to Help Bring Quality & Truth Back to the Internet


  • Why is fake news so prevalent?  (Why are we Constantly Bombarded by Noise, Junk, Spam & Propaganda Online?)
  • What are 3 ways to spot fake news articles online?
  • How does Otherweb work?
  • How can technology fight fake news if technology is part of the problem that created it?
  • Can a computer tell the difference between truth and fiction?
  • What will happen if we don’t repair the information ecosystem?


Jeff Heller

Jeff Heller

Senior Media Relations Specialist

Alex Fink is available for interviews and commentary on any related subject.

Please contact: Jeff@farrowcommunications.com